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Muswell Hillbilly Brewers are Pistol Pete, Mart Dude, Steve and Bob (AKA as Beer Bob). Pistol and Mart Dude were home brewers for over ten years before deciding to hone their skills and share the love of brewing with the waiting world. Joined by Bob we decided to jump on the UBREW bandwagon in Bermondsey, making our own mistakes, breaking their equipment and sampling all that the beer mile could offer.

Inspired and bored of the journey to south London we broke free in September 2016 and registered Pistol Pete's cabin as our brewery. Using  a couple of Grainfathers we continued our journey of discovery and exploration of different beer styles, finding an enthusiastic and thirsty audience at Ally Pally Farmers Market. We soon became the perfect beer team (B Team?), our full time jobs providing everything a brewery could dream for. Mart Dude the teacher leads the educational journey in brewing, Pistol the salesman pitches smoothly to local retail outlets and Bob the graphic designer is simply Mr Label. 


In February 2017 we moved into a small studio with our friends and family in Avenue Mews, Muswell Hill. However we quickly outgrew this small room and with the help of Hillbilly Steve, opening in March 2020 our new 3 barrel brewery in Avenue Mews. We also run a Tap Room in Avenue Mews where we have our own and other local beers on tap, our full range in bottles to drink in or take away and a fine range of wines, spirits and soft drinks . We hope to expand  the brewery soon but need some space. Let us know if you have any!


Whether growing our own hops, planting our own bergamot plant or sourcing our coffee from W Martyns in Muswell Hill, the Hillbillies love local. Our N10 hops are grown in local gardens  and comprise of traditional English hops Fuggles, East Kent Goldings, Prima Donna and Challenger. So successful have N10 hop crops been that we recently introduced Cascade, a US hop and are always on the look out for different varieties. September hop picking is an event for all the family. 

We also love recycling our own bottles. So if you have any bottles or want to grow some N10 hops let us know and well help you out. Hillbillies dont just want to make good beer, we want to save the world!

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